Project 3

How do you design a non-human
device to interact within an unfamiliar
but intuitive way?

project description
In a block course, lasting for 5 weeks,
we were confronted with a special task.
Create a device for ailiens.

operating video

We designed a hollow body, which
we gave a lively character. A living device,
is for the first time, something strange.
An inner membrane that grows larger
and smaller, is something that creates the
impression of a breathing object.

In the middle, there is a ball which
contracts in the same stroke as
the outer membrane. The association
of a heart arises.

interaction viewpoint
With gesture control, tracked by a Leap
Motion, you can determine the position
of your hand. This conducts the view-
point, the location of the virtual camera,
in three dimensional room.

interaction device
By forming a fist, you control the clock
rate and the device starts to contract
faster and more powerful.

My field of activity was basically in the Conception.
But I also participated in the codes structure and in creating,
filming and editing the video.


project partner

Fiona Philipp, Saba Mayer, Jannis Waeder and Philipp Henzler


Three Dimensional Design in the Medial Space


Prof. Dr. Hernandez Castro