Space Race
Project 1

How do I design an information system
for a younger audience?

project description
Our goal was to create an interactive
communication system such as those
found in museums.

Knowledge transfer was the primary
target, but before you get there, you
have to make the user curious.
The interest was to open the door and
make our product look attractive.

operating video

The idea was to generate the feeling of
flying through space while discovering

The design of a long mono-screen,
which can be explored with a rocket,
is the approach.

interaction navigation
A game like interface equipped with a
controller that allows the avatar to fly in
all directions.

interaction experience
In order to make the interaciton realistic,
we programmed gravity into it. The slight
attraction down can only be avoided
when you land the rocket.

design symbolism
The red bear represents Russian
space missions.

layout guided view
The screens are all similar built up,
this makes it easier to perceive
the information.

design user interface
Graphically high quality illustrations
extend the interaction times and spark
enthusiasm. Pictorial and clear data
graphics ensure a fast optical capture
and processing of the information.
Short line texts invite more to read and
do not overwhelm.

design symbolism
The blue eagle represents Amercian
space missions.

screen examples

My main tasks were placed in conception and
the elaboration. I kept myself busy with the appearance,
the guided view, layout, typography and data graphics.


project partner

Fiona Philipp and David Sigloch


Interactiv Communication System


Fabian Schroebel