HfG History
Project 5

How do you tell history that connections
become recognizable, that they are
interesting and inviting, and that they
match the character of the topic?

project description
In an none curricular project in the
third semester, I was offered to recondi-
tion and design the university's history
for the new website.

This was a new task for me, as we worked
together in a large team of 6 students
and 4 professors.

operating video

We created four time strands that are
horizontal. The university, person,
project and student trail. Furthermore,
there is a secondary lane at the bottom
of the screen with events of temporal
significance. Both, politically and design
relevant topics, are listed here.

In this way, links and their influences can
be shown to one another.

interaction navigation
Horizontal scrolling corresponds to
the course of a temporal narrative.

interaction hover
Information which would overlap
themselves are hidden behind
a small rectangle. These are only
indicated by hovering with the cursor.
Adjacent events are shifted slightly
to the right.

The structure invites you to browse,
on a nostalgic trip and learn, with pleasu-
re at the service, about the history of
the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd.

interaction depth of information
Each track has 3 information depths.
If you go into the most detailed one,
the others minimize, so that you only see
the most essential information.

With a click on the bar you can change
the view.

interaction projects
At the deepest level of the project track,
you can hover over the various programs
of study and get their percentage rate
related to all projects of one semester.

concept 1 year view
In addition, our depiction reflects the
mindset of the HfG very well. What
students stand for and what their
projects represent.

The site is also conceived as a kind of HfG
portfolio. If you switch to the one year
view, you can look more closely at the
projects that have been created this year.

interaction detailed view
The deepest level is the detail view of a
single event, person or project.

Keywords that were relevant in this
epoch or which generally are at the HfG
can highlight certain sections of
a description. In this way, information
that is personally important to you can
be filtered out easily.

Due to the enormous scale, it could not be completed within a semester. Both, visual speak the UI and the content is still being developed.

My main task was the research. Interviews with
professors or several hours in the archive were part of it.
Based on that, we created the concept
and the structure together.


project partner

Fiona Philipp, Corina Hirt, David Sigloch, Maximilian Walter and Janik Freisinger


None Curricular Project


Prof. Joerg Beck, Prof. David Oswald, Prof. Dr. Dagmar Rinker, Prof. Hartmut Bohnacker