Data Visualisation
Project 4

How do you convey information
without typography, only through color,
shape, arrangement and animation?

project description
With the help of a data set, different
information levels are to be generated.

My data set is about the NBA (National
Basketball Association). More detailed,
from the players of the league.

operating video

design level 1
It shows colleges in the USA
with students who played in the NBA
after their studys.

design level 2
The opacity is not by 100%, which
results in a kind of a heatmap. I want to
show which college had its heyday in
which year or decade.

design level 3
It shows the total time of a college in the
NBA (as in level 2), but in this depiction
it is even better for comparing the stroke
lengths with each other.

design level extra
Each player is indicated by a dot.
Brighter points are a sign that several
players came into the league this year.
You can see phases with more or less
player growth for the league.

If you want a life interaction

click here

I put my priority on the implementation because I was focused
on understanding the programming better. I succeeded
in this intention. The design suffered a bit, which is certainly
improvable in this project.



Programmed Design


Prof. Hartmut Bohnacker and Fabian Rauch